Thanksgiving Day Surprise!

I’m about to fire up the smoker and drop a turkey in for a few hours but before I do, I wanted to let you all in on another secret. I’ve written another book. It’s small, and it’s meant to be. I wrote it as an exercise in understanding Advent from the perspective of someone who doesn’t really enjoy the holiday season and it’s been a really great practice for me. But that’s not the big news. The big news is…

You can join me on the journey now!

That’s right, “Advent for Grinches” is available on Amazon Kindle right now. Pick up a copy, leave a review, and if you hurry, you might be able to catch one of the free book giveaways!

While you’re at it, Deconstructing Church is also only $0.99 for a couple of days. Two great reads to make you think and re-engage with the Giver of all good things this holiday season.

Until next time, may your days be merry and bright. Unless you’re a Grinch like me.

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