A Plowshare Prayer

Friends! It’s been awhile since I last shared anything with you. Well, don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of new news to share soon. But today, I wanted to simply leave you with this. In a word full of brokenness, heavy hearts, endless struggle, war, politics, and injustice… remember to pray for people and not against […]

A White Man’s Helpful Resources from Mostly White Folks on Whiteness, Privilege, and Systemic Injustice

I am not offering this list as any definitive “you should absolutely add this to your reading/listening/watching”. But I thought I would share with you all the resources I’ve been working through to gain a better understanding of the past, present, and future of us as a people, as Americans, and specifically of systematic, unwarranted, invisible white privilege.

“Because I Said So” Doesn’t Cut It (And 9 Reasons You Should Stop Saying It)

When I was growing up, I hated hearing “because I said so”. It felt like a cop out answer when an adult didn’t really have any conviction behind what they said but they wanted it to happen anyway. It felt… lazy. And so I distinctly recall making the decision at a very young age to never tell someone “because I said so”.

In Summary

The entirety of the biblical narrative is one of individuals being given the understanding of how to best honor and serve both the Creator and the Creation, those individuals deciding that they have a better idea of how to do those things, turning them into selfish pursuits, and then being extremely frustrated that the world […]