Well, if you made it here, you either already have a good idea who I am or you’re now wondering just who it is that I think I am.

I am a husband. I am a father of two. I am a dreamer. A designer. A planter. A disciple. I am a despised samaritan. I am no one. But I am everyone. I am a completely open book here. One day you may find yourself nodding your head in agreement with me and the next, offended enough to send an angry email. That’s good. That’s healthy. It means we aren’t the same person. I like that. And it means a chance for open dialogue. This, I also like.

I want to be a resource for anyone and everyone looking for a way to rebrand, restructure, or reform their current business, church, or personal life. I also want to be available for anyone who doesn’t need to “re” anything, because they’re starting out fresh. That’s a big step, and I’d love to walk through it with you.

That’s what I’m here for. How about you?

-Anthony Anderson

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