To The Weary Church Leader, Wherever You May Be

Your job as a church leader may seem daunting. But you have one of the most beautiful callings known to mankind. You get to constantly and consistently remind people about the freedom they have in the forgiveness and sacrifice of a loving Savior who has promised to return one day.

The Clean-Up Hassle

Hassle. Headache. I want to just do it and be done. So. Much. Easier. But that’s not healthy for them. It doesn’t teach them anything other than how to be reliant on others to do their jobs. And it’s not healthy for me.

The Heart of a Mentor

You can be doing all the coaching, teaching, modeling in bits and pieces as schedules allow that you want. If you’re not present when… things… hit the fan- if you’re not already involved in their life before things get bad, the only thing you’re really modeling is how to be absent. Everyone runs to a car crash. Everyone looks on when a house is on fire. We need more people already in the building carrying people out. I don’t want us to be known as a people who were simply not there.