Introducing Dueling GMs, an Epic Blunders RPGcast!

One of many things that have been in the works for awhile is a fun little podcast idea we cooked up for fellow tabletop roleplaying gamers. If that’s your speed, step right up! If you have no idea what those words mean, give it a try! And if you know for sure that gaming is not for you, well then just hang on awhile longer. There are more great things coming soon.

For the curious, my friend Joseph Kann and I sit down periodically and discuss all things related to tabletop games. We get into game theory, worldbuilding, improvisation, personality types, strategy, personal therapy, and more on a regular basis. This is our attempt to capture some of those moments and pass them on to others. Our hope is not only to build a better roleplaying community, but help everyone who listens become a better person as well. So go ahead, give it a listen! Whether you’re a complete RPG novice and couldn’t differentiate a d20 from a d12 or a grizzled veteran who could wax eloquent on the virtues of THAC0, we think we have something for you. And let us know what you think.

If you choose to listen through Spotify, it even has nifty polls and questions associated with each episode to let you communicate with your fellow gamers! We’re excited for you to hear what we’ve cooked up so far.

Episode 1 of Dueling GMs – What the Heck is Session 0?

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