Podcast Launch: One More Thing Before I Go

Hello, friends! I’ve had a bit of time on my hands and have done the research to get this up and running- I’ve started a podcast! There have been plenty of times where I’ve thought- if only I had a microphone on this conversation it would be amazing!

Well, now I’m bringing one along. And as I sit down with friends and family, young and old, folks from the States and other countries, I’m letting you all sit in on the chats. Because I firmly believe that each of us have something important to share with others and I want to be that springboard to get your big idea or great wisdom out to the world!

The teaser trailer is up now and Episode 1 should be appearing this morning wherever you find your podcasts. Search for “One More Thing Before I Go” or you can click here and select your favorite or even just stream it directly.

I’m so excited to share this adventure with you all! If you want to be a guest on the podcast and share your own bit of inside with others, let me know!

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