A Beautiful Plan

So here’s what I want you to do. When you gather for worship, each one of you be prepared with something that will be useful for all: Sing a hymn, teach a lesson, tell a story, lead a prayer, provide an insight. If prayers are offered in tongues, two or three’s the limit, and then only if someone is present who can interpret what you’re saying. Otherwise, keep it between God and yourself. And no more than two or three speakers at a meeting, with the rest of you listening and taking it to heart. Take your turn, no one person taking over. Then each speaker gets a chance to say something special from God, and you all learn from each other. If you choose to speak, you’re also responsible for how and when you speak. When we worship the right way, God doesn’t stir us up into confusion; he brings us into harmony. This goes for all the churches—no exceptions. -1 Corinthians 14.26-33 MSG

I long for this to be our model. Bring what you have to the table. It’s useful. It’s desired. It’s expected. And it’s absolutely vital to the health of the body. No more bodies with atrophy from lack of use while one or two parts do the work and the rest watch. A full-on embrace of the messiness of being in this 100% together. A confession that while it’s a longer and more arduous process, doing things in a more well-rounded shared community is not only a model, it’s the model. The head is Christ. Not me. Not you. No pedestals. Only an equal playing field with a shared vision. This is harmony.

What are you bringing to the gathering this week?

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