The Clean-Up Hassle

Hassle. Headache. I want to just do it and be done. So. Much. Easier. But that’s not healthy for them. It doesn’t teach them anything other than how to be reliant on others to do their jobs. And it’s not healthy for me.

Let’s Talk Legacy

Shame says “I am a mistake and I must do something to change that or forever be forgotten.” Pride says “Building a legacy is about forever being remembered.” Jesus says “Let people see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

Leadership Quick Hits – March 4, 2015

Leaders, allow me to make a suggestion: when looking to maximize and empower new leaders, please don’t approach it from the standpoint of “I can already do this well, but I’m willing to let it take a hit and give that away to someone else to own.” While this may, in fact, be true in […]