To The Weary Church Leader, Wherever You May Be

Your job as a church leader may seem daunting. But you have one of the most beautiful callings known to mankind. You get to constantly and consistently remind people about the freedom they have in the forgiveness and sacrifice of a loving Savior who has promised to return one day.

Problem 4: Are We Letting Big Church Inform Everyday Life or Everyday Life Inform Big Church?

“And in a flash, it’s all over. In an hour, all the hard work and preparation has come to a head, and it’s either time to do it all over again (literally in your next gathering), or start planning for next week, where you can do it all over again. Does it ever feel like Sisyphus, forever doomed to push the rock up a hill, but never reaping the rewards of reaching the top and the promised land guaranteed on the other side?”