Problem 2: Are We Seeing Church Needs or Seeing Individuals?

Last week we continued a conversation begun previously about the struggle between numerical church growth and the problems it inherently creates. This week we look a little deeper. I’ve spoken to a number of good-hearted, talented churchgoers whose attempts at stepping into the process of building the Kingdom consisted of a public call from a […]

Problem 1: Are We Building an Organization or Disciplers?

Last week we started looking at a growing epidemic in today’s churches and set the table for a continuing discussion on the subject. This week we’ll tackle the first of four problems at the root of our troubles. Jesus jukes and John the Baptist quotes about “he must increase and I must decrease” aside, the […]

Ebola Is Not The Biggest Epidemic Facing The American Church

There is a bit of an epidemic in today’s church that, on the surface, looks to be squarely the fault of the “everyday believer”. What’s the problem? Lack of interest and participation in the more “higher level” programs and activities taking place within the church. The Purpose Driven Church model would say that people are […]