The Heart of the Matter…

My city is in pain. The country is in shock. And much of the world is in mourning. Amidst everything that’s happened in Orlando in the past 3 days, I’ve never been more proud to call this city my home. While I may complain about the drivers, the cheesy pandering to tourism, and the mindless devotion to The Mouse, we certainly know how to come together for a cause.

Why I Hate Conservatism

I cannot stand Conservatism. Mind you, I’m talking about the word itself. The movement, if it can be called that has its merits and its flaws, to be sure. But it’s the word that I’m hung up on. Talking heads and blogs on either side of the aisle have begun using this terminology and it […]

Ebola Is Not The Biggest Epidemic Facing The American Church

There is a bit of an epidemic in today’s church that, on the surface, looks to be squarely the fault of the “everyday believer”. What’s the problem? Lack of interest and participation in the more “higher level” programs and activities taking place within the church. The Purpose Driven Church model would say that people are […]